Best Ideas for Bohemian New Year and Christmas Parties

Among any other vintage inspired party themes the most popular is probably the Bohemian or Boho party. We brought a good many ideas how to dress for your bohemian style wedding and we listed other themes for the parties. But what can be better than a good ol’ Bohemian party as a main theme for the New Year party? Especially you won’t need much decoration, because half of Christmas decorations will still be hanging. Or you can organize your bohemian inspired party for the Christmas Eve as well. Christmas mysteries, Boho, the Eastern Sages all traditions are now closely interwoven with one another. If you made up your decisions for sure, we are here to give you a hand with the main and basic ideas for the coming December parties. First of all, create your invitations; you may have your invitation printed in Bohemian style. The best style is using the violet or henna-red backgrounds and golden letters on the cards. To tell the truth, the classic bohemian colors are there: dark purple, deep red and gold, but oftentimes the emerald or grass green and coral-brown colors may also go. You can use grannies’ style beads to decorate the party rooms or using the Chinese lantern will also go. But if you plan to serve the table in the 1900’s inspired Boho style, that is, to serve low tables with Boho or Indian style pillows and coaches, then you won’t find the better idea than the Indian style colorful lanterns. Actually the airy garlands must be of the same style yet of the different colors. The fruits in green, orange, purple and red placed in vases will be perfect Boho style favorites. As to flowers, the boho or bohemian style flowers must be whimsical and the floral combinations should be more than just unique. Take anemones and roses or purple gerberas and green chrysanthemums, or raspberry and purple asters and light blue violets. They must correlate with your perfect reception style yet it doesn’t mean all these decorations must be harmonious in color palettes. Serve your New Year Bohemian tables with the same colors in dishes: spinach dip and tortilla chips, or tomato risotto, spinach salads with olives will all do. The most bohemian and luxurious dishes will be the main courses of glazed “coq au vin”, chilled gazpacho and roast fillet. Yes, the original Bohemian elite denied luxury but day after day they were creating their own culture and…finally the conception of Bohemian luxury or Bohemian chic appeared. Choose the most suitable colors for your party room palette. Thus, if the main color is red then gazpacho will support the theme of the whole table or if you have chosen green colors as the main, the lime desserts and Italian spinach risotto will go better. Planning your perfect bohemian inspired look, do not forget to include the bohemian inspired hairdos to your “must haves”. These hairdos will be a splendid trick for the ones who do not have much time for the makeup and hairdressers. Disheveled yesterday’s locks or unsuccessful waves and plaits will be the truly classical boho or bohemian styles. The smoky eyeliner should be applied to the upper lid, as to lipstick… exchange it for the glossy raspberry lip balms. So, here is the culmination of all ideas for your New Year Bohemian party. The best of Nataya dresses. The Bohemian 1900’s style dress in classic Bohemian palette will be a perfect unforgettable look for any Boho gal.

Bohemian 1900’s style dress in classic Bohemian palette

The bohemian style palazzo set in black is the classic genre for all bohemian ladies. It will work perfect for most of types of the figures and almost all makeup trends.

Bohemian ladies

The bohemian romance tops will be perfect outfit for the coming year of water dragon!

Bohemian romance tops

The Bohemian blousing top is the stunning idea for the gals who both cannot boast with wide hips and the ones to deceive the narrow hipline. It is tailored in classical boho deep red color and will go both with black, green and purple bohemian style leggings.

Bohemian blousing red top

The perfect green idea is the following classic bohemian style dress.

Classic bohemian style green dress

 Green or red? Choose your own style. All two colors will look splendid and keep the chosen New Year party style! Meet bohemian style top with gorgeous V-neckline.

New Year party style

 These bohemian style boleros will also diversify your wardrobe and make a splendid look for your person!

bohemian style white boleros

 Do you prefer mini? These Bohemian short dresses will keep the line and reveal your slender legs. Also they will complete the perfect look with the chosen bohemian hairdo!

Bohemian short red dresses

 We sincerely recommend you to discover the “Bohemian Camouflage collection” by Nataya and find the best inspiration for the coming Bohemian miracle night!

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